A True Passion For Hand-Crafted Automotive Carbon

Our meticulous manufacturing technique ensures we are in a league of our own. Unlike off-the-shelf carbon products, all Horsch Carbon pieces start and finish in-house from initial concept to final completion - with the entire process overseen by head craftsman and founder himself, Jarek Horsch. Customers are able to personalise each piece by having the freedom to select from various patterns and finishes - add strength or rigidity, or request lighter or stronger - the choice is yours and the combinations are endless.

Every design we offer is original, starting from the prototyping of the moulds to ensure accurate fitment and exceptional visual aesthetic. The raw carbon weave design selected by the customer is layered at perfectly measured angles which reduces warping and adds strength and balance to the final result. Then comes the fine art of the trimming process, which is completed by hand, where no shortcut is taken to guarantee the piece is precisely straight before premium clearcoat is applied for a pinhole-free finish. Additionally, this prevents discolouration which is common in many automotive carbon products as it provides improved UV protection properties. The carbon piece is then hand polished until a glass-like reflection is achieved. Hours upon hours of labour intensive work is put into all hand-made Horsch Carbon pieces - a feat that cannot be accomplished on production cars as they simply do not have the time.

When appropriately maintained and cared for, Horsch Carbon lips are proven to last in all weather conditions around the world and will not distort or discolour due to the thorough production process. It is founder Jarek Horsch's perfectionist approach and true passion for each piece that has earned him and his products an exceptional reputation for carbon crafting in Australia and around the world.