Terms of Sale & Disclaimer

By purchasing any Horsch Carbon product(s), you (the Buyer) have read and understood this disclaimer and agrees to this contractual obligation that we (Horsch Carbon) are not liable for any and all subsequent legal infringements or penalties that may occur in relation to the installation of our product(s) to your vehicle, if any.

Our products may not be suitable for road use according to your specific local governing body - please check your local governing road laws prior to installing any of our products to your vehicle, as we again cannot be held liable for any infringements or penalties that may incur if your country, state or region deems aftermarket automotive modifications to be illegal.

We are reminding you (the Buyer) that we are not in a position to be able to guarantee compliance to all automotive aftermarket parts, unless it is an OEM accessory manufactured or approved by the manufacturer, it is not legal to fit parts onto a road registered vehicle unless it carries and meets the country's design rules and public road regulations.

It is not feasible to have every part and component tested to carry ADR (or equivalent) certification for every single make and model in all countries we sell and ship to.

We are no expert in the world's road rules. All road regulations, international and local, will always continue to evolve. The onus is on you (the Buyer) to ensure our product(s) meet your local compliance and regulations. Our disclaimer purpose is to inform you of the responsibility to comply with the above.

Not withstanding the road rules and regulations, we do make the best effort to consider safety when designing our products to ensure that they meet the highest standards possible. We hope you continue to enjoy the craftsmanship and quality of all of our products, as it is our aim to achieve customer satisfaction.